Pain, pain, go away….

  • Posted on July 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm

No need to come back any other day! Or place. I’m just done with this crap. (Rant continues….)

I’ve been dealing with the fibromyalgia and whathaveyou for however many years its been, and that’s had its moments where it has been particularly painful, but this is getting ridiculous. Since February of last year I have been in near constant pain. I’ve gotten short term relief from some of the procedures but I don’t think I’ve been truly pain-free for more than 4 days in the last 17 months. I’ve had enough. I’m done. I’ve been through 3 physical therapists, 2 orthopedists, an anesthesiologist/pain management, not to mention my primary care provider and neurologist. Oh, and a pain psychologist.  I’ve had four injection procedures. I’ve had so many different diagnosis that I’ve stopped asking, or counting. No one seems to know what’s going on with me and how to fix it or even how to stop the pain. On Friday I get to call and email three different doctors to give them updates on three different things I have going on, and figure out where we all go next. I Hate this. Yes, hate with a capital H.

Neurologist- beta blockers are helping. chronic daily headaches are remarkably almost gone. some days I am actually headache free, for all or part of the day, and that’s a significant accomplishment. side effects? I think the beta blockers have dropped my pulse a bit lower than we’d like, but I’m not really sure if that’s a deal breaker for me (it was 58 and she didn’t want it below 60).

Pain mgmt- got 40-50% relief the first week. all gone now. back to what it was before. this is the worst part and what I’m struggling the most with right now, as this affects my sitting, walking, and every day just being. and not in a pleasant way.

Primary care- mystery pain in my side/flank still hurts like a beast. need to figure out the next steps to figuring out what this is. THIS is what will drive me to the ER or Urgent Care unable to wait till I can get to the regular dr. This is what will have me taking meds just to try and get it knocked down a notch. I spent most of Wednesday lying on the floor of my office trying to keep it together. it hurt too much to even deal with sitting up.


Friday update: All three doctors have been contacted through the respective portals and updates provided and questions asked. Considering it’s Friday, I doubt anyone but possibly my PCP will get back to me, so I shouldn’t really need to actually -deal- with any of this till Monday. I’ll take that win, thank you very much.


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