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Quick Barbeque Tips

  • Posted on July 19, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Summertime and grilling go together.

Naomi handles the inside cooking, and I handle the grill. We have a Weber, and it truly is a special cooking experience. We really love to entertain and our Weber plays an integral part in providing the best experience possible for our guests.

The marinade is very simple – just soy sauce, a splash of extra virgin olive oil (keeps the food from sticking and provides for good flame broiling ), garlic salt and seasoning to taste.

The trick to making great grilled food is simply to sear the outside of the food on both sides at the grill’s highest temperature for maybe 60 seconds on each side for steaks and chicken filets, and perhaps 30 seconds per side for burgers. This locks in the juice.

Then lower the heat to below medium and make sure the grill lid is closed. This creates a convection-oven inside the grill and allows the food to slow-cook, while retaining the juiciness.

Our Weber has three burners, front, middle and back. I place the food in the middle and turn the middle burner all the way to low. The front and rear burners are set to medium, and again the grill cover must be closed.

Baste a couple of times and that’s it!

Enjoy your summer and please drive safely!