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7 weeks and counting….

  • Posted on August 5, 2014 at 5:11 pm

We close on the house 7 weeks from yesterday. My living room already looks like a sea of boxes. I’m not sure how we’ll fit the rest of them in there!

I think the neuralgia is finally back under control. Which is good ’cause I was ready to start hitting things. I’ve probably said it before but I totally understand why it’s called “the suicide headache.” I can deal with the migraines, I can deal with the fibro, I can deal with the chronic pain. THIS I cannot deal with. The neuralgia would quickly drive me out of my mind. But since the neuralgia has subsided I seem to have a low-grade migraine since at least yesterday. I love waking up with a headache <sigh>. (And my deepest apologies, Husband, for your wake-up this morning!)

This weekend was pretty much all about packing. Most of our books are packed, and that’s A LOT! We went through my kitchen stuff and decided what’s getting packed and what’s getting re-homed. It’s very strange seeing empty space on my bookcases. Ok, empty bookcases. The bibliophile in me wants to fill them. But I am categorically resisting the urge to buy anything that is nonessential and must be moved.

Today I start bringing home my work stuff so it can be boxed up. My desk is getting emptier and emptier, despite the fact that I still don’t have official approval for the remote working arrangement. I can’t see any reason why it WON’T get approved, but these days you never know.

I’m finally starting to get back into my routine. I did 2 hallway walks today, so 6/10ths of a mile. The first walk was non-stop. I’m pretty sure that I’m on my third big cup of water. No chocolate today (just one piece yesterday). For better or worse, the person who stocks the candy bowl (which sits across the aisle from me) is getting laid off tomorrow, so I’m not sure where the chocolate is going to go, but I know it will NOT be on my desk. So I’m hoping that once it’s out of sight, and no one is dropping by for a piece, my temptation will lessen.


Breakfast: house iced coffee with soy milk

Lunch: tuna sandwich and mini stack of pringles from the cooler

Snack: FD nuts and fruit; FD almonds; fruit cup.

(For recollection, breakfast on Monday was house coffee and a bowl of Special K cinnamon pecan and lunch was a bowl of raisin bran. Note to self: no more raisin bran, the sugar is too high, but Special K with stuff is good! No walking on Monday, though, and one snack piece of chocolate.)


  • Posted on July 29, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Keeping myself accountable is proving to be interesting. On the one hand, why am I doing this if it’s just for me? On the other hand, if it’s just for me, why should I NOT be doing this??

Figuring out yesterday that my there-and-back walk down the hall is actually 3/10th of a mile was rather cool. I managed to get in two walks this morning before lunch, so I’ve already done 6/10th’s! I may try to get an outside walk in this afternoon, probably after my call later. Right now my legs hurt and my calves are achy. I’m hoping that will start to subside as I get more used to doing this.

Another lap, another 2/10th’s done. 4/5th of a mile walked today. But holy heck am I tired! Maybe that’s why I’ve been sleeping better, pure exhaustion.

The countdown to Vermont has officially started. Yesterday was 8 weeks till closing. High speed internet should be available by the start of Sept, so we’ll take a trip up to check and troubleshoot that at some point during the month before we close. I don’t want to have to deal with THAT as well on Day 1. Holy crap- less than 8 weeks till we move. I’m trying to stay optimistic that the HR stuff will work itself out as needed by then and that we’ll be able to really move as of closing day. But that’s still up in the air and I won’t know anything more for another couple of weeks.

I managed to avoid a neuralgia attack yesterday; so far today is going ok too. I’m guardedly optimistic that this flare is subsiding, but I know it’s really too early to be sure. But for my sanity, I need to hang on to that glimmer of hope.

Breakfast: Starbucks venti soy latte; Stonyfield yogurt smoothie
Lunch: Fresh Direct dill salmon; some sliced peppers
Dinner: TBD
Snacks: cherries, FD fruit and nuts (2 serving pack)


  • Posted on July 28, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Back to work, back to what passes for normal around here these days.


My Monday’s always start with a 0700 conference call, and this week was no different. Fortunately it’s usually quick and innocuous, which it was today. And remarkably, even miraculously, I had a crazy light meeting day. It’s one of the few good things about summer, half the people are out of the office at any given moment.

I managed to get in two hallway walks before lunch. A straight walk is 1/10th of a mile; I think with all the extra bits and turns I do I can give myself credit for an extra 1/10s or so for every loop, so that would mean I did about 1/2 mile before lunch. Go me! Let’s see if I can get another two laps in before the end of the day- AND keep away from the ever-present bowl of chocolate that sits just across the aisle from me.

I’ve got a Fresh Direct delivery (gods I’m going to miss that when we move!) coming this evening with all sorts of fruits and veggies and yogurts and lunch stuff, and fixing for another shrimp stir fry this week. Hopefully it will be a bit better than last week’s- which didn’t suck but wasn’t anything great. So tonight I intend to portion off some of the fruits and veggies into bags and containers so they’re ready to grab and pack or grab and snack. I have to remember that I still have some grapes in the freezer for that purpose.

Third hallway walk after lunch- done. Not sure I’ve got the spoons for a fourth, but I’m good with three. My goal for this week is 3 laps each day. Next week I can get myself up to four.

There are 250 steps in 1/10th of a mile. At least the way I walk. I did a fourth walk today, just straight, and counted. I KNOW that I’ve added at least 170 steps to my walk down the hall, probably more now that I’ve added the nook I found. So I’m definitely adding at least 1/10 to a there-and-back walk, possibly even another 1/10th each way. Will have to count that tomorrow. But I walked more than a mile during the course of the day. I’m rather impressed with myself today. I just have to keep it up during the week, and maybe get outside and start doing a 1/8th each way walk that’s been marked out. I’m still keeping my goal for the week as three walks a day, with all my maneuvering to maximize it. My stretch goals will be to add a fourth walk, either inside or outside, depending on spoons and weather.

Second goal for the week: 30 minutes of self-care- either meditation, yoga, stretching, some combination thereof.

Breakfast: Starbucks venti soy latte

Lunch: Raisin bran with soy milk

Dinner: TBD

Snack: 1 rolo, 1 snack pack of FD mixed nuts and raisins

Countdown to closing: 8 weeks from today!

22-July Log

  • Posted on July 22, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Breakfast: iced coffee with soy milk

lunch: raisin bran with soy milk (note to self: no flaxseed- I know it’s healthy but ewww…)


Snack: 1 peach

Water: 24 oz cup- 2

Office walks- 1

21-July log

  • Posted on July 21, 2014 at 3:12 pm

breakfast: iced coffee with soy milk

lunch: Lunch special- sauteed chicken and shrimp, little bit of fried rice, 2 bites of egg roll

dinner: meatballs and zucchini with marinara


FD fruit and nut mix

1 apricot

1 peach

Water: 24 oz cup- 3

1 mini kit kat

Office walks: 3