7 weeks and counting….

  • Posted on August 5, 2014 at 5:11 pm

We close on the house 7 weeks from yesterday. My living room already looks like a sea of boxes. I’m not sure how we’ll fit the rest of them in there!

I think the neuralgia is finally back under control. Which is good ’cause I was ready to start hitting things. I’ve probably said it before but I totally understand why it’s called “the suicide headache.” I can deal with the migraines, I can deal with the fibro, I can deal with the chronic pain. THIS I cannot deal with. The neuralgia would quickly drive me out of my mind. But since the neuralgia has subsided I seem to have a low-grade migraine since at least yesterday. I love waking up with a headache <sigh>. (And my deepest apologies, Husband, for your wake-up this morning!)

This weekend was pretty much all about packing. Most of our books are packed, and that’s A LOT! We went through my kitchen stuff and decided what’s getting packed and what’s getting re-homed. It’s very strange seeing empty space on my bookcases. Ok, empty bookcases. The bibliophile in me wants to fill them. But I am categorically resisting the urge to buy anything that is nonessential and must be moved.

Today I start bringing home my work stuff so it can be boxed up. My desk is getting emptier and emptier, despite the fact that I still don’t have official approval for the remote working arrangement. I can’t see any reason why it WON’T get approved, but these days you never know.

I’m finally starting to get back into my routine. I did 2 hallway walks today, so 6/10ths of a mile. The first walk was non-stop. I’m pretty sure that I’m on my third big cup of water. No chocolate today (just one piece yesterday). For better or worse, the person who stocks the candy bowl (which sits across the aisle from me) is getting laid off tomorrow, so I’m not sure where the chocolate is going to go, but I know it will NOT be on my desk. So I’m hoping that once it’s out of sight, and no one is dropping by for a piece, my temptation will lessen.


Breakfast: house iced coffee with soy milk

Lunch: tuna sandwich and mini stack of pringles from the cooler

Snack: FD nuts and fruit; FD almonds; fruit cup.

(For recollection, breakfast on Monday was house coffee and a bowl of Special K cinnamon pecan and lunch was a bowl of raisin bran. Note to self: no more raisin bran, the sugar is too high, but Special K with stuff is good! No walking on Monday, though, and one snack piece of chocolate.)

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