5 weeks (minus a day)….and it just got real.

  • Posted on August 19, 2014 at 11:17 am

Yesterday was 5 weeks until we close. I had a long, really long, post typed up, and it disappeared into the ether. Note to self: quick draft does not auto-save.

I was just told that HR is supportive of my request for remote working and it should really just be a paperwork formality from here on in. (It’s subject to review on a regular basis, based on business demand, and I need to be able to come into an official location with reasonable notice for face to face meetings. All of which I had expected.) So yeah. We should now be able to set a move date.

I’m trying to increase my walking. My goal for this week is to do 1 mile a day. And then gradually increase stamina by increasing what I do consecutively. Yesterday I did .5 mile before lunch, another 4/10 in the afternoon, and then 3/10 to top off the day. That’s 1.2 miles across the day. Not bad for me at all. It’s almost insignificant compared to my friends who are doing marathons and the like, but I’m trying not to compare myself to anyone but me. And compared to me last week, I’m doing great!

I’ve done 2/10’s so far this morning; I had intended to do more but the Boss called when I was in the back and I had to race back to the desk to call him back.

I had also rambled on yesterday about trying to figure out the cooking and feeding for once we’re in VT. It’s going to be VERY weird for me to be cooking nearly every day, and not being able to rely on Fresh Direct to delivery every week or two. I also need to figure out what’s going to be kept on hand for the backup plan, in case dinner is a flop. AND I need to figure out what to feed the Husband for lunch every day. So current dinner plan is one night each for: soup (may need to buy the Vitamix for this one), seafood, chicken, stir fry/wok, sandwiches/leftovers, salad ¬†and one night out. Lunches for me are easy- chicken breast with veggies and couscous and salad in a jar should easily cover me for the week. Not sure about the Husband. We’ll have to talk about that. Next thing to do is start gathering recipes in each of these categories so that I’m ready to go. I’ve already started doing this, mostly on Pinterest, with a board for each category/day. It’s not bad, and so far easier than bookmarks in the browser, but I suspect that it may become as unwieldy soon enough.

Breakfast: house iced coffee with soy milk, raisin bran with soy milk

Lunch: tuna sandwich, mini pringles

Snack: 2 plums

Water: 2

Walks: 2/10, 4/10, 3/10

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