6 weeks (and still counting)….

  • Posted on August 11, 2014 at 3:17 pm

It’s 6 weeks and counting until Closing Day. There’s still been no progress around work, but I’m hopeful that will change this week now that the boss is back from his vacation (and someone seems to have tracked down the stupid form that I may or may not need to fill out!!). I’ve been thoroughly out-of-sorts for at least the last week, probably closer to two, between the migraines and the neuralgia. I’m still hoping that I’ve finally kicked it, but I’m not holding my breath about that, at least for another few days. I am at work today and feeling reasonably ok, but I’ve learned, or been reminded, that I need to take it day by day or even hour by hour when things get like this. And just because I’m ok now doesn’t mean I won’t have a raging headache later.

The weekend was again spent packing. I went through my pantry, at least part of it, and have thrown some things out and put some onto the giveaway table. And yet there is still so much more to do. More small boxes, shoe-box sized and a bit larger, will arrive later this week. The Husband discovered they are perfect for packing knick-knacks and small, fragile things in bubble wrap.

We got a delivery from Fresh Direct yesterday, which gave me prepared lunches for this week. But I think this is the last week for that, as I need to eat down the freezer. Tonight I’m going to portion out some fruit and veggies into bags and containers for the rest of the week to make things easier- just grab and go. The Husband liked the wrap sandwich we got him for lunch.

Breakfast: house iced coffee with soy milk

Lunch: FD salmon with asparagus; some sliced mixed peppers; carrots and snap peas; tomatoes

Snack: 2 x fruit,

Dinner: Burgers by Husband!

2x water, 1x walk- hopefully with another of each to come later

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