The nature of the beast…

  • Posted on August 6, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Today was what we call “hatchet day” at the office, where the talk around the virtual water cooler is all about “did you hear who got rif’d?” RIF= reduction in force, the Britishism for being part of a group layoff. ┬áToday we lost a lot of good people. Some were happy to get their severance package and move on; others….not so much. So now that all that is done, it’s unusually quiet in a space housing 300 or so people in open cubes.Eerie. The only (selfishly) good thing about today is that there is no longer a never-ending candy bowl across the aisle from me. Getting chocolate now will actually take effort. And I’m ok with that. Self-control is easier when you need to get up and go down the hall (with a credit card no less!) and get it yourself then when you can just grab a mini piece across the way.

Otherwise, it’s status quo around here. Mostly anyways.

Two large waters, one walk done so far. I”m going to try and get a second walk in a bit later. (Edited to add: second walk done; may or may not get a third in.

Breakfast: iced coffee with soy milk

Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, chicken gyro (sauce on the side for dipping, left most of the bread, ate all of the veggies)

Snacks: sm bag potato chips (not my fault, they came with my lunch!); FD nuts and stuff;

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