Happy 2011!

  • Posted on January 1, 2011 at 2:12 pm

May 2011 be a better year for us all, as individuals, as a country and as a planet.

We rang in the new year at Ninety Acres and the Mansion at Natirar. Fabulous and quite a spectacle. Fire pits and heat lamps made the outside terrace overlooking the valley quite a magnificent place to end out the evening with a glass of champagne. This was after a most delightful dinner at Ninety Acres. The duck three ways was outstanding, but the highlight- as low brow as it may be to say it- had to be the french fries. As always, they were extraordinary, and after seeing a couple of platefuls go over to the bar, we had to ask if the kitchen would be able to accommodate us. As usual, they were kind enough to do so.

New Years resolutions? I generally try not to make them. Be a better person and friend. Blog more. Worry less. Try to cook more, but stress less when I can’t. Take a little bit better care of myself.

May the best of the past be the worst of the future. May you get to spend time with your loved ones and love the ones you have to spend time with.

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