• Posted on October 7, 2009 at 7:32 am

I’ve been meaning to write this post since Sunday. Damn work is taking it all out of me.

We went to elements for brunch on Sunday and they had challah french toast. Oh, yum! Of all the breads this is hands down my favorite. Unfortunately most breakfast/brunch menus have limited options for me since I don’t eat eggs. I’ll eat them if they’re in something but not an egg or an omlette. Most of the time if I want breakfast food it’s french toast. I think next time I’ll ask them to hold one of the ice cream scoops. It’s a little too dessert for breakfast for me and is just as good with just the Blis maple syrup. After running into Alex and Aki of Ideas in Food at the Newtown Amish Market on Saturday, I caught up on reading their blog as well as the elements blog. In the elements blog Joe talks about his current take on apple pie, with an apple pie gel so I asked him about it and he was kind enough to make us a tasting plating. Oh was it good! Right up my alley as the Husband said, with cinnamon merangue and toasted merangue and….drool. It was good. I wanted to lick the plate. I’d order that again in a heartbeat.

After brunch it was off to visit a new client with the Husband. First visits can be awkward especially for me but he was a very nice guy and there is potential for all sorts of different opportunities here. Only time will tell, though, and that’s what really counts, not what can happen but what does happen.

This has been another one of those busy weeks for me and it’s only Tuesday. I’m still having a hard time adjusting to the pace. It feels like a constant juggling act and I keep waiting for something to come crashing down on my head. Sigh.

The headache has been a mixed bag. Monday was a headache free day, the first complete one in I don’t know how long. Maybe three weeks at this point. Today has made up for that and we’re back to a level that makes me slowly lose my sanity. Or not so slowly. It’s maddening, really, and I want to crawl into bed, or stay in bed and just hide in the quiet and the dark for a while but can’t. We tried changing the medications to use the secondary abortive fioricet as the primary medication and that worked well for a day and a half. But I took 2 today and it hasn’t helped. Oh, and I have to be careful how much of my other pain meds I can take when I take this. Great.

Mom’s throwing a surprise party for my stepfather for his birthday. I need to deal with the cake. I need to get her to set a budget. ‘Cause I have ever-so-much free time on my hands to deal with this. And today we realize we need two cakes because my cousin’s birthday is the same day.

This weekend is another RHPS reunion which should be a lot of fun, but exhausts the hell out of me especially since we don’t meet up for dinner till 9. Still, I want to go and see some old friends again. I really do need to make time to have some semblance of a social life.

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