Day at the Amish

  • Posted on October 3, 2009 at 11:21 pm

For some reason I couldn’t get the darn thing to work while I was at the Amish, or I would’ve posted from there as I went through the market. So we’ll just have to settle for a retrospective entry.

The most pleasant surprise of the day was running into Alex and Aki from Ideas in Food and their lovely daughter at the market. It’s their local market and they didn’t know about the website so I just sent them the link.

Other than that, I got some crab cakes and a twice baked potato which we had for dinner tonight. They were very tasty done in the convection oven. They were out of the soups I had wanted to get from the fish stand which was annoying. I didn’t really get a whole lot otherwise. Some desserts. A black forest one was different. I got some paella valenciana for lunch during the week. I got some eggplant in sauce and two Indian samosas. Cook up a chicken breast and I’ve got lunches during the week. The fruit stand actually had some peas in pods and I couldn’t resist getting a small bag. I got some dried mango, low sugar, no sulfites, and a s’mores snack mix which we already demolished. I didn’t get any meat or poultry, either raw or cooked, because I’m not cooking and I unfortunately can’t trust that they don’t season the meats with msg in some form. Though I really should just ask them; though I know Kingston does. I got one bacon, egg and cheese log for the Husband and I had a roast beef and swiss which was great- I wish we could get those in Kingston! I forgot to redeem my coupon for a free ice cream scoop. And I got whoopie pies. They had oatmeal and chocolate chip ones and I should’ve gotten more of those. Oh, yum.

Oh, and I got fudge. They had these little cups prefilled with pieces of fudge, so I got a cookies and cream for me and orange and cream for the Husband. We’re snacking on them now and they are quite yummy.

I got my haircut today. Woo hoo!! It actually -does- happen twice a year, believe it or not. The Husband comes with me and stands behind me while he and Lauren figure out how much we’re taking off. I never know till we’re all done. Today I don’t know how much we took off, but I’m thrilled. I love it when it’s this light, it feels so different. I think this is the shortest it’s been in years.

Tomorrow’s Sunday which means brunch at elements. Yay. Then we have a new client to visit and see what’ll come out of that.

I wish I had felt more flush with cash. I would’ve bought a whole lot more at the Amish.  There was soooo much that I wanted to bring home with me. Mango salsa and various mexican bites. Couscous and carrot salad from the middle eastern stand. Next time I think I need to have some of their platters. I realized too late that I could get pancakes at one of the stands, instead I had cinnamon sticks from the pretzel stand.

And it was tiring. While the Husband was sitting and working for almost two hours, I was walking around the market for most of that time. I was able to sit down here and there, and I think I sat for most of the last half hour. But it was still tiring. We had a friend come over tonight and are just heading to bed. A bit late for me, but what can you do.

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