rainy afternoon in New Hope

  • Posted on June 5, 2009 at 5:02 pm

I hate this weather. Every joint in my body hurts and all I want to do is crawl under a heated blanket. So instead we traveled to New Hope this afternoon, primarily so the Husband could visit a website client. Flaky client. Didn’t seem to think we were meeting when we said we were so he wasn’t there. So we decided to do a little bit of shopping in this miserable weather. I’m on the quest for a new purse and wallet. I need something smaller and lighter than what I have now. So we stopped in at Sterling Leather but they didn’t have anything that did it for me today. We went and had a decent lunch outside at Havana (shared an order of decent chili and then an eh crabcake and a yummy corned beef reuben) and then went to get some tasty chocolates (rum cordials, dark orange peel and some other stuff) at the shop down the street. The woman behind the counter was kind enough to give me two of the delectable chocolate covered strawberries since they were starting to weep in the humidity.

Back to the store to wait for the client who’s still not there. At least we finally got in touch with him and he’s on his way. They work while I much about on the iPhone. Client’s happy. I’m happy. Head back home to wait for a friend to come by for a little while before we head out again tonight for another errand to run. No idea what’ll be for dinner.

Tomorrow, the Amish market and the little dinky one stand farmers market that the township has. They had yummy apricots last weekend, but I don’t think they were local. Isn’t that what a good farmer’s market should be about? Local, in season produce?  Not the same stuff from California you can get in the supermarket. Oh well.

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