visiting vegans and elements

  • Posted on July 12, 2009 at 8:54 pm

I love my vegan friends and wish they would visit more often.

Saturday started at the farmer’s market, where I ran into one of the waitresses from the Plucky. Then to the Amish which was remarkably uncrowded. Finally to the supermarket then home. All sorts of good stuff piled in the fridge.

After all I ended up worrying and fussing, we didn’t eat a damn thing in the house! We ended up going to dinner at elements. The kitchen table was available and accommodating the two vegans was not a problem for them. It was a fabulous meal, and we plan on going back the next time they come visit for a five course tasting menu. The Husband and I started with Kindai tuna. They have a kindai tuna tataki (five slices of tuna served warm over soba noodles and kimchi, topped with sesame seeds, as well as a kindai tuna tartare, served with white soy, scallions and ginger. I’m not sure which I liked more, probably the tartare, but only because the tataki had sesame seeds in it. The Husband had the filet and I had the scallop. This was at least as good as any scallops I have had any place else, if not better. They were served with the most remarkable fried broccoli and carrots.

For a change, we had dessert. The Husband had sicilian pistachio ice cream and Bailey’s ice cream. I had the blueberry dessert which was a phenomenal blueberry cobbler, blueberry sorbet and the most remarkable blueberry mousse, made with mascarpone cheese. Just delicious.

Our guests had a wonderful time was well. We also got to see a friend who works in the kitchen who we haven’t seen since she doesn’t do brunch which is usually when we are there. We also had cocktails for a change, too. The Husband tried two of their sake’s. The first one I liked very much. The second packed way too much of a punch for me. I had a “puesta de sol- mount gay eclipse rum, espiritu, blueberry, lime.” That’s how they describe it on the menu, but that doesn’t tell you that it’s really a fresh blueberry foam that they use and when it settles it darkens the color of the drink. It was quite tasty and definitely not overwhelming.

Speaking of brunch, we were back at elements for brunch today. We both had the french toast, and the Husband had poached eggs to go with his. I had a mimosa, too, a nice treat! The french toast was outrageous; that BLiS maple syrup is just incredible.

Tomorrow we get to host some of them here for a BBQ. I’m trying not to be too neurotic about the food. I have fillet mignons, chicken breasts, hamburgers, turkey burgers all from the Amish and hot dogs if we decide to go really low-brow. Macaroni and potato salad from the Amish, and I keep contemplating making a horseradish potato salad as well. I have the marinated mushrooms. Chips and salsas, veggies, humus and pita. Fruit. Lots of sorbets and ice creams. I’ve got a cherry vanilla chilling now to be frozen and then a malted milk that I’m going to make the base for today and freeze tomorrow. That’s in addition to the four (maybe five?) I already have in the freezer.  I think I’m going to make blondies too. I should’ve made the flourless chocolate cake but I didn’t think of it in time. Oh, well.

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