catching up

  • Posted on July 8, 2009 at 7:45 pm

Dang it, has it really been a week again since I posted? Ugh….real life, and it’s habit of interfering in my time of leisure, rather sucks. The last week or so has been kinda sucky again. But it’s looking up, at least I’m trying to.

So the updates on the ice cream front- I’m currently freezing a batch of pumpkin pie ice cream made with coconut milk. I’m not sure how I like the flavor or texture right now, but we’ll see once it chills some more. Peach sorbet has been the hit of the season here. I think I’m on batch #4 right now. Tomorrow, apricot ice cream- I’m looking forward to that one. The bananas are taking their sweet time to ripen for their next batch. The last batch was (is) too sweet, and I’m not quite sure how to fix it. My current thought is to rechurn it with a couple of tablespoons or dark rum.

No real adventures in cooking. I made pork tenderloin again. We grilled burgers and chicken. We ordered chinese food (my comfort food when I don’t feel well).  I think I had PB & J one night for dinner too, with orange marmalade.

We’re having company on Saturday and again on Monday. Saturday, a pair of vegans. Monday, a sous/pastry chef and his wife who is also the FOH manager. It’s been a bit of a struggle for me to plan menus. I made marinated mushrooms today. That should go well for both, since the Husband won’t eat them. If the vegans are staying for dinner, I’m going to make the quinoa, peas and asparagus dish again, with chicken for the Husband and I. Otherwise we may go out for dinner. Some veggies, pita and humus, chips and salsa, maybe buy some mini egg rolls I can heat in the toaster oven. Maybe make gazpacho, another thing the Husband won’t eat, but I can’t really make just for one.

On Monday, the plan is to grill, if the weather permits. As of right now, the weather says we should be ok, but I don’t yet have a plan B.

On the health front things aren’t terrible, but not great either. The pain levels are finally dropping down to normal for me which is wonderful. Meantime, I’ve got an infection and have been on antibiotics since Friday. They make me viciously nauseous, much more-so than usual, which is saying something. I just have to get through the next few days with it, it’s a 10 day course.

I got my magnesium infusion today and it was MUCH less painful than the last few have been. Finally. We’re trying to do them every three weeks and see if that helps. I have a follow up appt already scheduled for the first couple of days in Sept and we’ll figure out where we go from there.

I think I’m going to up my lyrica dosage when the refills come in. I’m having a lot of breakthrough nerve pain and I’m still below a therapeutic dose. I’m silly, I should have done this as soon as I was out of work so I wouldn’t have to worry as much about the drowsiness as I adjust to the new levels.

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