rant: damn headache

  • Posted on June 26, 2009 at 5:09 pm

I was supposed to go into NYC and meet the girls tonight and can’t because I have a nasty headache. Bugger. I have a headache, a migraine, and have already taken two doses of my meds. I actually find the sound of the Husband opening mail to be like nails on a chalkboard and I’m not too thrilled with the sound of my own typing, either.

I hate that my body won’t let me do the things I want, and that I don’t know what, when or where I will be able to do what. I hate that I can’t plan or depend on myself. With the weather being what it has been for the last few days, it’s no surprise really, but it sucks none-the-less and frustrates me to no end. My ankle still throbs and there’s nothing wrong with it according to the xray so it will just need time to heal. Joy.

Oh, and the new freaking farmers market I was excited to try today? Wasn’t there. At least I didn’t go too far but when you’re trying to conserve energy (and aggravation) it’s a little frustrating. Ok, a lot frustrating.

I’m cranky and pissed and my head still hurts.

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