• Posted on June 26, 2009 at 1:24 pm

It’s gonna be one of those busy Fridays. So far I’ve already gone to the Dr for my magnesium infusion (which thankfully didn’t hurt as much this month!) and to the supermarket. It’s the newest Stop and Shop and they have the scan-as-you-shop which I love, love, love! Not only does it appeal to the geek in me, but you don’t need to deal with anyone at the checkout and it takes much less time than the self check out. Although I have to admit that scanning 30 cans of cat food is a pain in the ass.

Came home to gents cleaning my gutters. Better them than the Husband, which is worth every dollar.

The chocolate sorbet finally froze on the third churn. I don’t give a dang at this point, it can become chocolate sauce if it doesn’t freeze well. I’m so over the chocolate sorbet.

A new farmers market opens today at 2 just up the road. Supposedly they will have much more stuff than the market on Saturday, which I can’t wait to see.

I did buy peaches at the supermarket for another batch of peach sorbet and I have bananas ripening for more banana ice cream. Ok, so I have two batches of bananas, one to use when ripe, one when overripe. I want to see what makes a difference. I really do, to a certain extent, want to keep making ice cream instead of sorbet since I could use the calcium. I find myself eating much less of this than I would a pint of store bought. Plus there’s less crap in it. And I have a malted milk one on my agenda as well.

After all this, I’ll dress and head into the city for dinner, drinks (only one for me since I’m driving), and raucous laughter with my girlfriends. We don’t get together all that often any more, and I’ve missed the last couple ’cause of my health, but I cherish them deeply and miss them lots.

Tomorrow, up for my little farm stand, potentially, then off to the Amish since I didn’t get there yet this week and need food.

My pain levels have been through the roof the last 24 hours or so. Better now but last night was really, really rough. Vicodin wasn’t much cutting it. Am hopeful that as the weather moves out of this damp and dreary dreck that it has been, my body will decide to stop rebelling and like me again. Feh.

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