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  • Posted on October 12, 2009 at 9:36 pm

It’s been another one of those busy weeks, and the upcoming one doesn’t look too different.

Work is still a lot of hours and a lot of work. I don’t like it any better this week than last. I was talking to the girls at PMG today when I was home and had IM access, and realized how much I miss them personally, as well as just working with folks on a daily basis to chat and catch up with, to break up the day, to sympathize with the specific insanities of the job. I don’t have that where I am now. And as anti-social as I am now I miss it.

Saturday was a very long busy day. We started the day taking a drive up to Woodstock to take care of a bit of business with a friend. It was a lovely drive, the trees are all changing up there, but it was almost two hours up, and then two hours back. We stopped at the Plucky for lunch on the way home. I had a yummy tomato soup and a crab cake with tempura green beans. The Husband had the butter lettuce salad which he said was spicy this time, so much so it made him flushed. He also had the baked ham and brie sandwich with an egg on top. He was so exhausted that he asked me to drive home. I certainly didn’t mind, it was just home from the Plucky which I’d done countless times before.

We get home and he’s just exhausted. Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t be a big deal but Saturday we also had a second Rocky Horror Reunion to go to. And I have to admit, I -really- wanted to go. Some of the same people from July were there but there were several folks including Sal who hadn’t been there. So we both just try to chill out and finally he goes to take a nap. Before he does we talk and he’s ok with me going in, so I put him to bed and go shower and get ready. I realize that I can’t wear the outfit I had planned because it laces up the back, so I find something else and head out into the city. I stop at Starbucks at the rest area on my way in for a needed fix and managed to get myself into the city and parked without too much angst. Always a plus to starting the evening. I hate driving into Manhattan.

Parking in the city is always fun. This time at least I knew exactly where I was parking, it just took $10 to convince the guy to find a spot when he said the lot was full. Got to the theater and got my ticket, definitely a good thing since the show sold out. Then met up with Jeremy; it was funny- I texted him to see if he needed a ticket and a minute later he came walking up the block. He didn’t actually notice my text till much later. I’m so glad the two of them are working together, and that this can work out to be something good. It’s so rare for either of them to have someone at their own level.  We then ran into Angela and the three of us headed over to the diner. Holy Hades was it hot in there! They had us in way too small a space and there were a lot of us and it was really freaking hot. In a way it was good that the Husband wasn’t there, he would have been incredibly uncomfortable and outside for much of the dinner. It took us FOREVER to order, but I think that was just my table, which I ended up sharing with Greg who played Rocky before my time (and that night) and his wife Laura and their daughter Violet. When we finally got it, they made a decent burger, medium rare as asked for. I figured they couldn’t screw that up too badly. Eventually we headed out to the theater. Met up with Jason and a couple of his friends for a smoke before the show.

Thanks to MMM I was once again able to get in with the cast and company before the general audience. It was a really good preshow. The kind of preshow I remember back from the Playhouse days. It’s good to be able to think back to those days and remember the good times and the friendship. I think it was MMM who in the tribute to Sal said that he created a place where all of the misfits and outcast could come together and be themselves and have each other. And we really did. It’s kind of amazing how 20 years later those are still some of the friendships and memories I treasure the most. I stayed till after Time Warp, said some goodbyes and headed home. I wish I had stayed till the end of the show. But it was late and I needed to be sure I could drive myself home safely.

I kept texting and emailing with the Husband all night which was really cool. Poor thing; I missed him so! But he was in no shape to be out and about that night and I’m glad he had the sense to let himself rest. Sunday we did just about nothing. He went out to pick up some awesome sushi for dinner and I think that was the extent of it. Today was Columbus Day so I had off from work but was still up by 9. Ugh! Even with the lunesta, I can’t get a decent night’s sleep. I’ve been trying to rest and do as little as possible for the last few days. I haven’t had much of a choice- the Husband has insisted on taking care of me and everything else and I’ve been trying to let him. Especially since he’s been fighting his own issues at the moment and slept for 13 hours last night.

I’m still fighting the headache, though for a brief moment it seemed like it was loosening its grip somewhat, so we’ll see what happens this week. I’m trying to stay optimistic but it’s hard sometimes. Though I have to say, I didn’t get as sick as I expected from being in the city Saturday night. I hadn’t been feeling well for a day or two before and was sure I was going to be knocked out on Sunday but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’m trying to be grateful for the little things. I still need to make a neuro appt. Ugh.

Next weekend we’re supposed to go see Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull down in Red Bank. Tomorrow I must remember to make the dinner reservations. Then Sunday my mother is throwing a surprise party for my stepfather’s 75th birthday.  Always something to do. Fortunately, the Husband is dealing with the cake for which I’m grateful. I was feeling a little overwhelmed having to deal with that too.

Must make plans with Rocky friends. I don’t want to lose touch again. The Husband and Phillykins need to play some chess, maybe get Mutie to come around, see who else we can wrangle up. Dang it. Need to get Ed and Joey to come home too, at least to visit. When things were good, hanging out with them were some of the best times of my life.

Bed. Rest. Sleep. Wake up. work. travel to office. work. travel home. work. bed. sleep. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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