Headache update

  • Posted on October 1, 2009 at 7:32 am

Went to the doctor yesterday.

There’s nothing quite like waiting in the doctors office as your head is throbbing for them to see you “some time this morning.” Fortunately I ended up not having to wait all that long. Saw a new Dr today; you can’t be picky when you’re a walk in. At least I knew Dr S was in the office to consult if needed. We went through the whole background and questions and then, as expected, she needed to talk to Dr S.

He came back with the one response I knew was coming but was hoping it wouldn’t be today. He wants me to get a neuro consult at this point. Argh. I know it needs to be done but I was hoping it could be put off some more. At least the neuro group is in-network now. But still, this is going to mean taking at least one, probably two or three days off to get this done. She renewed the fioricet, which is helpful, since I’ve been going through those this week like never before. I had the magnesium infusion last week; maybe I’ll try to get one in for as soon as Karen’s back.

Bugger. This does not make me happy. Not only do I get no relief (I said I’d even do a methyl-pred pack if they thought it would help!) but I have to do more tests.

At least I worked from home after, which made me happy. I love sharing an office with the Husband!

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