• Posted on July 29, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Keeping myself accountable is proving to be interesting. On the one hand, why am I doing this if it’s just for me? On the other hand, if it’s just for me, why should I NOT be doing this??

Figuring out yesterday that my there-and-back walk down the hall is actually 3/10th of a mile was rather cool. I managed to get in two walks this morning before lunch, so I’ve already done 6/10th’s! I may try to get an outside walk in this afternoon, probably after my call later. Right now my legs hurt and my calves are achy. I’m hoping that will start to subside as I get more used to doing this.

Another lap, another 2/10th’s done. 4/5th of a mile walked today. But holy heck am I tired! Maybe that’s why I’ve been sleeping better, pure exhaustion.

The countdown to Vermont has officially started. Yesterday was 8 weeks till closing. High speed internet should be available by the start of Sept, so we’ll take a trip up to check and troubleshoot that at some point during the month before we close. I don’t want to have to deal with THAT as well on Day 1. Holy crap- less than 8 weeks till we move. I’m trying to stay optimistic that the HR stuff will work itself out as needed by then and that we’ll be able to really move as of closing day. But that’s still up in the air and I won’t know anything more for another couple of weeks.

I managed to avoid a neuralgia attack yesterday; so far today is going ok too. I’m guardedly optimistic that this flare is subsiding, but I know it’s really too early to be sure. But for my sanity, I need to hang on to that glimmer of hope.

Breakfast: Starbucks venti soy latte; Stonyfield yogurt smoothie
Lunch: Fresh Direct dill salmon; some sliced peppers
Dinner: TBD
Snacks: cherries, FD fruit and nuts (2 serving pack)

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